Table boards get a contemporary makeover

Oh, how I wish I had discovered these beautiful examples earlier. 

Working as an interiors stylist I’m always on the lookout for the perfect product to help me create a strong story. The right piece can add texture, provide an interesting shape, distort proportion, infuse wit and personality, or evoke a memory.

While planning for a recent photo shoot I was looking for the perfect table board. Any one of these could make the perfect base on which to present one course of a decadent meal.

Lee Borthwick chopping boards


Installation artist, Lee Borthwick, uses pyrography to create her beautifully designed range of Grain and Hairy chopping boards. One would expect to feel the texture on the surface, however it is smooth.

Burning into the wood without the use of chemicals or machinery is Lee’s humorous slant on the timber. All boards are treated with a food grade mineral oil and each piece is as unique as the individual wood it is made from.

Read more about Lee’s inspiring approach to her creations in the Grain and Hairy post.

Images (left to right): Grain and Hairy Boards, © Image Copyright Matthew Booth. Grain and Hairy square stack in Ash and Beech, © Image Copyright Lee Borthwick. Grain and Hairy round boards in Ash and Beech, © Image Copyright Matthew Booth. 

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FUGA cutting board

I stumbled across the FUGA range of cutting boards when they were launched at 100% Design in September. The designs pictured caught my eye. They evoke a Japanese feel to me, although they are actually inspired by Russian nature and culture and made in Russia using Russian materials. The texture in each board is crafted using a chainsaw and appears on one side (the other side is smooth).

The boards come in natural oak, however I am especially drawn to the darker oak created by reproducing the natural process of bog wood in the laboratory. Particular salts are added to a water solution which the wood is cured in for a period of time. The salt reacts with tannins in the wood and this darkens the oak. All boards are finished with a coating of linseed oil.

Images (left to right): “Frost” cutting board with shoulders from the North (Sever) Collection; “Water” round cutting board without handle, and “Fire” cutting board without handle from the Salt (Sol) Collection; and the “Wheatear” cutting board from the Bread (Khleb) Collection. © Images Copyright FUGA.

Further information:

Tim Plunkett table board


These beautiful wafer thin table boards (8mm thick!) are created by Tim Plunkett, a Norfolk-based wood-turner. Tim sources a variety of hardwoods locally – including Ash, Beech, and Oak. Each table board is as individual as the piece of carefully dried quartersawn wood used to make them resulting in no two being the same size. The bevelled edge brings an additional elegance to their design.

Image: Table boards in Ash, Beech, and Oak, © Image Copyright Sarah Robinson.

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