All your logs in one basket

As the days shorten and become ever cooler, these stylish storage options for logs, kindling, and fire starters will keep the home fires burning.

Reduce the need to replenish your fireside materials for several days with these beautiful log baskets and kindling holders. When the weather becomes warmer extend their use as storage around the home.

Images: Main, featured image: 1. Trug by Jane Crisp, © Image supplied Copyright Natasha Biggs Photography. Top row (left to right):  2. Holkham round log basket by Garden Trading, © Image supplied Copyright Garden Trading; 3. Tall iron log holder by Cox & Cox, © Image supplied Copyright Cox & Cox. Middle row (clockwise from top right): 4. Log Loop wood basket by Tom Raffield, © Image supplied Copyright Tom Raffield; 5. Large oval log basket, and Large round log basket, both by Naturally Useful, © Images supplied Copyright Naturally Useful. Bottom row (left to right): 6. Log holder/store by Tatam Blacksmith, © Image downloaded with permission Copyright Tatam Blacksmith. 7. Leather kindling bucket by Garden Trading© Image supplied Copyright Garden Trading.  

1. Trug by Jane Crisp

This contemporary approach to a trug is ideal for storing the lightweight fireside items such as pine cone firelighters, box of matches, kindling, and last week’s newspaper supplements. I particularly love the beautiful sculptural shape Jane has created using the steam bending technique, which gives a lovely flow to the design. It has such a beautiful elegance. Sometimes Jane inserts a length of brass to replace one piece of wood as a variation on the original design. The shape is held together with copper nails, which also harks back to traditional boatbuilding techniques. A timeless design to be enjoyed as we progress through the seasons.

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2. Holkham round log basket by Garden Trading

Made by artisans, the thick Kubu rattan storage provides beautiful natural texture with a wonderful depth of tonal range in browns and greys. Bring a sense of Holkham beach inside with the rope detailing lending a coastal feel.

Further information:

3. Tall iron log holder by Cox & Cox

A solid log holder made from wrought iron. It’s robust design is modernist with its shape being quite Picasso-esque. Offering adequate space to store enough logs for several days use. It is also available in a smaller size too.

Further information:

4. Log Loop wood basket by Tom Raffield

This stunning steam bent wood basket is handmade from sustainably sourced English oak by craftsmen in Tom Raffield’s woodland workshop in Cornwall. Its timeless design blends effortlessly with this traditional method of making. A wonderfully useful piece of art to glaze over as you stare into the dancing flames in your fireplace.

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5. Log baskets by Naturally Useful

Keep the logs close to hand in these beautiful baskets handmade on Marcassie Farm in Moray, Scotland. The large oval log basket design includes integrated handles and is made using green and buff willow; while the large round log basket has a wonderful rustic charm.

Karen Collins is committed to producing “useful and beautiful products that will enliven folks’ homes and be pleasing to the soul.” Karen sources her willow from four suppliers in Scotland and England and uses the different colours, textures, lengths and thicknesses to great effect.

Further information:

6. Log holder/store by Tatam Blacksmith

The shape of this log holder/store is too lovely to house outside. It would make a wonderful design statement alongside a fireplace in a room with the right proportions. Made by Tatum Blacksmith, now in its fourth generation, in the historical Wakes Colne village forge, it is usually finished in two coats of black metal paint (although I far prefer the rust brown finish shown here).

Further information: 

7. Leather kindling bucket by Garden Trading

This is perfectly sized to store kindling and is, unusually, made from untreated leather dyed with tree bark and vegetable extract. I can imagine the leather taking on a lovely patina from over usage year-on-year. It’s beautiful stitching is testament to the skilled craftsmen who make them.

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