The Art of Alfresco

The best ingredients for open-air dining begins with a well-dressed table to fuel the appetite for lively conversation, laughter, and creating new memories.

Summerill & Bishop have been consistently turning the humble tablecloth into a work of art since launching their first tablecloth range in memory of co-founder Bernadette Bishop back in 2015.

Their original business ethos to create “a happy, inspirational place to be; where people will want to spend comfortable time” could equally apply to their tablecloth range setting the scene for your own gatherings with family and friends.

Each year Summerill & Bishop collaborate with artists and designers to add to their stunning contemporary tablecloth collection. Their signature hand-painted Italian linen offers a wonderful textural patina, while their creative designs provide an instant emotional lift – rain, hail, or shine.

Here are but a few of their tablecloth designs which catch my eye.



1. Rays, Trapeze, Sails, Cubes

The Perspectives range of four designs is breathing new life into napery. Covering a table with these tantalising colour blocks are bound to encourage upbeat conversation and atmosphere. Reflecting the vibrant colours of South American streetscapes (Cuba, Mexico…) they are more like oversized painted abstract geometric canvases reminiscent of the work by Sonia Delaunay and Ellsworth Kelly, among others.

2. Cornice

An ornamental colour strip frames the table top in a choice of 10 colours. Create a counterpoint with napkins from the Full Field range or flip it for when a strong pop of colour is in order. The crushed linen provides additional texture to the hand-painted colour.

3. Table top 20

Bold expressions drawn from the English and French languages are the basis of the Word tablecloth collection. Amour, Envy, Feast, Flirty, Fuck, Happy, Healthy, Lobster, Love, Marry Me, Merci, Merde, Ocean, Orage, Orgy, Oui, Peace, Poison, Storm, and Thanks… each bound to encourage debate and a healthy appetite for memorable conversation.

4. Gold

A successful collaboration between Summerill and Bishop and jewellery designer, Carolina Bucci, resulted in this beautiful tablecloth and napkins called “Gold”. Launched in time for Christmas 2016 and so popular this design continues to be sold out it, again, showcases the contemporary lengths Summerill and Bishop will go to create the most special table to gather around. Lending year-round sparkle, let’s hope they create something equally as special to celebrate Christmas 2017.

5. Mabel

Hannah Weiland of fashion label Shrimps, drew inspiration from her colour-block Baby Blue faux fur coat for her collaboration with Summerill & Bishop. Called ‘Mabel’, the hand-painted texture in blue, pink, and grey stripe reflect a modern Rothko or colour Sugimoto seascape. Other designs in the collection include vibrant hand-painted linen edged in a removable faux fur trim – a playful look which screams to be matched with an equally decadent feast, rich in flavour!

6. Just launched

Shades Tablecloth is the latest Summerill & Bishop-designed collection, first launched exclusively on the Goop website in June 2017. Both designs exude bright, luminous textural colour which combine beautifully with the tactile qualities of crushed linen. Shades of Pink design conjures up a fiesta dining experience; while the cool Shades of Blue emanates a relaxed, laid back atmosphere perfect for whiling away the afternoon.


Further information:

Summerill & Bishop

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