Blooming marvelous

How wonderful to display a bloom in one of these exquisitely designed single stem vessels – each one an art form in its own right. The perfect vessels to further showcase Mother Nature’s beauty.

Drink in and savour the sweet heady aroma of a fragrant bloom; marvel at the sculptural shapes revealing their natural beauty; or recreate the simple pleasure of seeing meadow flowers bobbing freely in the breeze.

Images: Main, featured image: Dodo Design Solo Vase, © Image supplied Copyright Dodo Design Office. Top row (left to right):  1. Cristina Celestine Olfattorio Vase, © Image supplied Copyright Cristina Celestino; 2. Carl Kleiner & Bloc Studios Posture Vase, © Image supplied Copyright Carl Kleiner. Second row (left to right): 3. Jaime Hayon Objects Ikebana Vase © Image supplied Copyright Skandium; 4. Dodo Design Solo Vase, © Images supplied Copyright Dodo Design Office. Third row (left to right): 5. & 6. Reiko Kaneko Balancing Act Vessels, © Images supplied Copyright Reiko Kaneko. Fourth row (clockwise from left) 7LBK Studio Sargasso Bud Vase© Image supplied Copyright ABC Home. 8. Jenny Kåberg Bud Vases© Image supplied Nordic Home. 9. Serax Fuji Vase, © Image supplied Copyright Serax.

1. Cristina Celestino Olfattorio Vase

The design of this beautiful single stem vessel draws inspiration from the apparatus used to distill flower essences for perfume. One can really imagine an old-fashioned rose displayed in this beautiful vessel. The bulbous shaped top encapsulates the flower’s fragrance and amplifies its heady scent.

Further information:

Cristina Celestino

2. Carl Kleiner & Bloc Studios Posture Vase

The Posture Vase series created by Carl Kleiner and Bloc Studios was inspired by a desire to display flowers in natural looking poses for photography. Elegantly combining metal and marble provides a wonderful structure to showcase the beauty of a single bloom or a couple of flower stems Ikebana-style.

Further information:

Bloc Studios

3. Jaime Hayon Objects Ikebana Vase

Made of brass and hand blown glass, this stunning vase takes inspiration from Ikebana – the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement. The design lends itself to endless stylish floral displays using combinations of individual flower and foliage stems. Designed by Jaime Hayon for the Fritz Hansen Objects Collection and available in two sizes.

Further information:


4. Dodo Design Solo Vase

This could be one of the closest ways to drink in the fragrance of a single flower. The shape of the Solo Vase is reminiscent of a thin-stemmed wine glass; a spherical showcase to admire the natural artistry of a beautiful flower in exquisite detail. Available in three sizes; imagine taking a viticultural approach to floral selection by matching each vase with the fragrance of a bloom – sweet, herbaceous, bold.

Further information:

Dodo Design

5. & 6. Reiko Kaneko Balancing Act Vessels

Create a floral symphony with these Balancing Act vessels. The mixing of height and volume achieves an intriguing sense of depth and movement. Each vessel is made using individual cylinders fused together. The multiple high temperature kiln firings enable the reactive glazing to generate unexpected patterns on the Stoke-on-Trent fine bone china. These one-of-a-kind vessels are stunning with or without single stem flower displays. Bespoke glazed vessels are also available.

Further information:

Reiko Kaneko

7. LBK Studio Sargasso Bud Vase in Blue Powder

Glass producer, Laura Kramer of LBK Studio established her practice with a focus on combining her interest in design, sculpture, anthropology, and archaeology. This beautiful bud vase shape gives the impression it belongs from a long ago era, excavated on an archaeological dig. Its exquisite shape looks divine even without displaying a bloom.

Further information:

ABC Home, New York

8. Jenny Kåberg Bud Vases

Swedish metal designer, Jenny Kåberg, has created these beautiful bud vases in oxidized copper and also Sterling silver. Stunning alone or displayed as a collection. The mixture of patinas and shapes offers added interest and works in modern or period interiors. Beautiful vessels to showcase even the most delicate of single flowers.

Further information:

Nordic Kind

Additional links

9. Serax Fuji Vase

Evidently reminiscent of Mt Fuji, this elegantly shaped vase is designed by Studio Toer for Serax. Made of colour-stained porcelain (available in six colours) its stunning shape is a feature with or without a flowering stem. It reputedly can hold a flower stem measuring a metre long.

Further information:



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