Relaxed and scented

Our sense of smell can evoke associations and memories of people and places. A beautiful scent encourages relaxation to achieve greater personal balance and the opportunity to capture a special moment where time stands still.

This selection of exquisite candles offers a wonderful combination of soy or beeswax and specially selected pure essential oils distilled from plants and flowers. Gorgeously presented in thoughtfully crafted re-usable containers. Whether it’s Spring’s awakening, the lightness of Summer, the mellowness of Autumn, or the crispness of Winter, be inspired by the perfumers’ achievement in creating such intoxicating aromatic combinations for our enjoyment throughout the Seasons.

 Be carried away by a pure heady fragrance; breathe deeply and enjoy the benefits of living in the moment.

Images: Main, featured image: Abalon, © Image supplied Copyright Abalon, Photographer: Ana Bridgewater. Top row (left to right):  1. La Luna C Swirl Candle, © Image supplied Copyright La Luna C; 2. & 3. Alix D. Reynis, © Image supplied Copyright Alix D. Reynis. 4. Toast, © Image supplied Copyright Toast. Second row (clockwise from left): 5. Feldspar Studio © Image supplied Copyright Feldspar Studio; 6. Illumens Candles, © Images supplied Copyright Illumens, Photographer: Kate Nicole. 7. Rachel Vosper Trio of THG Bowls, © Images supplied Copyright Rachel Vosper. Third row (clockwise from left): 8. Beespoke of Devon White Porcelain Aromatherapy Candle, © Images supplied Copyright Beespoke of Devon, Photographer: Heidi Burton. 9. Pamela Love Porcelain Candle© Image supplied Copyright Pamela Love. 10. Abalon, © Image supplied Copyright Abalon, Photographer: Ana Bridgewater.

1. La Luna C

This porcelain vessel has a striking swirl pattern which becomes more prominent when the candle is lit. The pattern is reminiscent of light through water ripples or sand seen through the shallow water. The soy candle it contains emits a delightful Sandalwood fragrance.

Further information:

La Luna C

2. & 3. Alix D. Reynis

Poured in France, these decorative Limoges porcelain vessels by Alix D. Reynis contain the most wonderful scent combinations – developed by a master perfumer in Grasse – to encapsulate each season. Aromatic notes include cedar, red amber, fig, citrus, musk, vetiver, sandalwood, cardamom, ginger, seaspray, bergamot, juniper, jasmine, neroli, vanilla, patchouli, lilac, and oud. The vessels can be put to varied daily use once the candle has been enjoyed as they are dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe.

Further information:

Alex D. Reynis

Additional links

  • Available through Eskandar stores in London, New York, and Los Angeles.


4. Toast

Scented with organic essential oils, this soy wax candle produces a true, pure fragrance to delight even the most sensitive olfactory. Enjoy the natural scent combinations of giant fir and mountain juniper, petitgrain and lavender, or rose and geranium. The candle’s porcelain container has a beautiful matte finish and can be reused in a multitude of ways once burning time has elapsed. Hand poured in Suffolk, UK.


Further information:


5. Feldspar Studio

Feldspar Studio designs every object they make to be treasured. Each soy wax candle contains pure essential oils with a variety of fragrance combinations – Moor, Kelp, and Ash – capturing the Devonshire countryside surrounding the Feldspar Studio. Each candle is hand poured in Devon into a container with a dimpled surface effect. The re-usable container of fine bone china is made in Stoke-on-Trent and becomes beautifully translucent when the candle is lit. 

Further information:

Feldspar Studio

6. Illumens Candles

The Abbaye collection of fragrances by Illumens is inspired by visits to the French countryside. Fragrances include accents of lily, narcissus, and gardenia; fig; pear and sweet pea blossoms; citrus, sage, and rosemary; and white rose, jasmine, lilac, and tuberose; gorse bushes, juniper berries and dry smokey grass. The beautiful packaging was illustrated by a Suffolk-based artist with the candles handmade in Suffolk. Re-usable glass container

Further information:

Illumens Candles

7. Rachel Vosper

The THG Bowl created by Thomas Hopkins-Gibson captures wood grain in ceramic form. Made to order, the hand-poured natural beeswax candle is available as a two, three, or five wick in one of 14 signature scents from Rachel’s fragrance library. Evoke fond memories of a person, place, or experience by refilling this or your own special vessel with a Rachel Vosper bespoke fragrance.

Further information:

Rachel Vosper

8. Beespoke of Devon

Light the wood wick and enjoy the gentle crackling sound as it burns. The pure essential oils of this aromatherapy candle are combined with natural soy wax to create fragrances which refresh, calm, or uplift. Each candle is hand-poured to order into a handmade porcelain vessel which radiates a luminous glow when lit.

Further information:

Beespoke of Devon

9. Pamela Love

This gorgeous candle collection was created in collaboration with New York-based Joya Studio. Each vessel is cast in porcelain and features a celestial relief design. The candles blend natural soy and beeswax with vegetable oil. Each candle fragrance suggests a complex combination of plant and flower essences.

Further information:

Pamela Love

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10. Abalon

These beautiful handmade porcelain holders contain eco soya wax in wonderfully uplifting organic fragrance combinations – Indian lemongrass, English lavandin, and Italian bergamot. The organic, scented wax can be used on the skin as the wax is cooling. The porcelain vessel becomes translucent when the candle is burning and is accented with a stunning gold lip. Vessels can be refilled by Abalon, and can also be purchased empty for use as tea light candles. For events, consider Abalon’s rental service – an especially beautiful touch for a wedding or special occasion.

Further information:



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